Key to Danish species of Badhamia Berk.

1 Spores adhering in clusters 2
1' Spores free 4
2   (1) Sporocarps mostly with long, lax stalks, occasionally almost sessile. Spores ± sperical with warts on whole surface. B. utricularis (Bull.) Berk.
2' Sporocarps sessile. Spores in clusters of 4-12, rounded conical to ± spherical, with rough warts on the exposed surface. 3
3 (2) Peridial lime yellow. Spores 11-14 µm in diam. B. nitens Berk.
3' Peridial lime white or often almost lacking. Spores 9-12 µm in diam. B. dubia Nann.-Bremek.
4   (1) Sporocarps with long, lax stalks not clearly separated from hypothallus, often several sporocarps on the same stalk and often drooping from substrate, ovoid to pear-shaped, rarely almost spherical. B. utricularis (Bull.) Berk.
4' Sporocarps sessile or with well defined, upright stalk. Spherical sporocarps or plasmodiocarps. 5
5   (4) Spores with an incomplete, but distinct, rather fine-meshed net-ornamentatation of lines or confluent warts. Mostly with a ± cyindrical pseudocolumella. B. lilacina (Fr.) Rostaf.
5' Spores with scattered warts or spines (on spores of B. melanospora lines from mutual pressure may be misinterpreted as a wide-meshed net). 6
6   (5) Perium almost limeless, iridescent, occasionally with indistinct veins of lime. Capillitium a fine-meshed net, often almost without lime. Spores 11-12 µm in diam. On dead leaves etc. B. foliicola Lister
6' Peridium as well as capillitium with notable lime incrustations. Peridium white to greyish. Spores (11-) 12-18 µm in diam. On rotten wood, bark and moss. 7
7 (6) Spores purplish brown in transmitted light, with a narrow but distinct pale band, finely warted. B goniospora Meyl.
7' Spores uniformely coloured, warted or spinulose. 8
8   (7) Pseudocolumella often present. Sessile sporocarps or plasmodiocarps. Spores irregularly spherical to ellipsoidal, pale violaceous brown in transmitted light, finely and densely warted. B. panicea (Fr.) Rostaf.
8' Pseudocolumella lacking. Spores sperical or slightly angular in outline, brow to dark brown in transmitted light, spinulose to roughly warted. 9
9   (8) Spores dark purplish brown in transmitted light, often with angular outline due to mutual pressure. Long-stalked to almost sessile sporocarps. B. melanospora Speg.
9' Spores not notably dark brown in transmitted light, spinulose to warted. Sessile sporocarps to short plasmodiocarps. B. macrocarpa (Ces.) Rostaf.