Key to Danish species of Comatricha Preuss

1 Sporocarps spherical. 2
1' Sporocarps ovoid, spindle-shaped or cylindrical. 4
2   (1) Columella splits into a few, large branches about the middle of sporocarp. C. elegans (Racib.) G. Lister
2' Columella reaches almost to the apex of the sporocarp and is often gradually tapered. The capillitium fastened along the whole of the columella. 3
3   (2) Main capillitial branches forming narrow angles with columella. C. nigra (Pers. ex J.F. Gmel.) J. Schröt.
3' Main capillitial branches almost orthogonal with columella. Spherical forms of C. laxa Rostaf.
4   (1) The length of the stalk at least half of total sporocarp height. 5
4' The length of the stalk up to and mostly less than half the total sporacarp height. 7
5   (4) Sporocarps spindle-shaped when freshly matured. Pale brown. Spores pale brownish in transmitted light, very delicately warted. C. tenerrima (M.A. Curtis) G. Lister
5' Sporocarps ovoid to cylindrical, rounded at base and apex, dark brown. 6
6   (5) Capillitium a ridgid net which keeps its shape after the spores are shed, fastened along the whole length of the columella. C. nigra (Pers. ex J.F. Gmel.) J. Schröt.
6' The capillitium expands elastically at maturity, fastened only at the base of the columella. C. alta Preuss
7   (4) Capillitium with many, small pointed free end at periphery. Sporocarps reddish brown to dark brown. Spores 7-9 µm in diam. C. laxa Rostaf.
7' Capillitium without pointed free ends, peripheral branches arched backwards. Sporocarps brown to almost black. 8
8   (7) Sporocarps dark brown to almost black. Spores small, 5.5-6.5 µm diam., with low, sinuose ridges, sometimes coaleshed but not forming a net. C. meandrispora A. Castillo, G. Moreno & Illana
8' Sporocarps pale greyish brown, rarely dark brown. Spores 6,5-8 µm in diam., with fine warts. C. pulchella (C. Bab.) Rostaf. - 9
9   (7) Sporocarps pale greyish brown. C. pulchella (C. Bab.) Rostaf. var. pulchella
9' Sporocarps dark brown. C. pulchella (C. Bab.) Rostaf. var. fusca Lister