Key to Danish species of Cribraria Pers.

1 Sporocarps violet, purple or dark redish brown. 2
1' Sporocarps beige, pale yellow-brown, yellow, orange or reddish brown to nut-brown. 5
2   (1) Sporocarps violet, 0.1-0.3 mm in diam. Peridial cup deep, at least half the sporocarp diameter. Peridial net with large nodes. C. violacea Rex
2' Sporocarps purple to dark reddish brown. Perdial cup missing or shallow, at most one third of the sporocarp diameter. Peridial net of ± parallel ribs with fine transversal connections. 3
3   (2) Peridial net with 20-30 ribs which interconnect to form a reticulum in the apical half. Sporocarps nodding or upright. C. mirabilis (Rostaf.) Massee
3' Peridial net with 40-50 ribs which reaches from the sporocarp base to the apex where they bend inwards towards the center. Transversal connections delicate. Sporocarps mostly nodding. C. cancellata (Batsch) Nann.-Bremek. - 4
4   (1) A small basal, peridial cup present, mostly as a collar around the stalk from where the ribs emanate. C. cancellata (Batsch) Nann.-Bremek. var. fusca (Lister) Nann.-Bremek.
4' Peridial cup absent, ribs emanating directly from the stalk. C. cancellata (Batsch) Nann.-Bremek. var. cancellata
5   (1) Peridial nodes simple, not thickened. 6
5' Peridial nodes thickened from aggregations of dictydine granules or notably wide. 9
6   (5) Sporocarps orange-brown to orange, not shining. Peridial net notably wide-meshed, nodes hardly widened. Cup clearly separated from net. C. rufa (Roth) Rostaf.
6' Sporocarps beige or ochraceous to brown, occasionally with slight iridescence. Peridial net with irregularly widened and flattened nodes. Cup gradually merging into peridial net. 7
7   (6) Sporocarps hazel brown. Peridial net of widened, angular but not thickened nodes interconnected by short threads. C. vulgaris Schrad.
7' Sporocarps beige to dark brown. Peridial net with only slightly expanded, flattened nodes. 8
8   (7) Sporocarps to ca. 1.2 mm Ø, beige to pale yellow-brown. Peridial net mostly ± evanescent, but occasionally with shiny remnants of the peridium between the meshes. C. argillacea (Pers.) Pers.
8' Sporocarps to ca. 2 mm Ø, ochraceous to brown, ocasionally with somewhat bronze iridescense. Peridal net not evanescent. C. macrocarpa Schrad.
9   (5) Sporocarp up to 0.3 mm in diam. Stalk at least 6 times the sporocarp diameter. Peridial net fine-meshed with nodes thickened by dark dictydine granules, nodes concave with the hollow side inwards. C. microcarpa (Schrad.) Pers.
9' Sporocarp larger. The stalk at most 5 times the sporocarp diameter. 10
10   (9) Sporocarps purplish brown to dark brown. Dictydine granules large, up to ca. 4 µm Ø. C. piriformis Schrad.
10' Freshly matured soprocarps bright ochraceous yellow to hazel brown. Dictydine granules to ca. 2 µm. 11
11   (10) Freshly matured sporocarps ochraceous yellow to dull orange, often with peridial nodes visible as dark dots. Dry spores with reniform, yellow inclusions. C. aurantiaca Schrad.
11' Sporocarps ochraceous-brown to nut-brown. If spores contain yellow inclusions then not reniform. 12
12   (11) Nodes mostly irregularly elongated and branched, with few free ends. Stalk length less than 3 times sporocarp Ø. C. persoonii Nann.-Bremek.
12' Nodes ± stellate with several free ends. Stalk length up to 5 times sporocarp Ø. C. intricata Schrad.