Key to Danish species of Hemitrichia Rostaf.

1 Sporocarps stipitate. 2
1' Sessile sporocarps and/or plasmodiocarps. 4
2   (1) Capillitium with very delicately spinulose spiral bands (oil imm.). Spores with elongated warts, which may coalesce to form an incomplete net. 3
2' Capillitium with smooth spiral bands. H. leiotricha (Lister) G. Lister
3   (2) The stalk gradually widened upwards, not clearly distinguishable from the peridial cup. H. clavata (Pers.) Rostaf.
3' Peridial cup clearly distinct from the stalk. H. calyculata (Speg.) M.L. Farr
4   (1) Large plasmodiocarps, mostly reticulate. Spores with a wide-meshed net onamentation. H. serpula (Scop.) Rostaf. ex Lister
4' Sporocarps or short plasmodiocarps. Spores warted. See Trichia contorta (Ditmar) Rostaf.