Key to Danish species of Lamproderma Rostaf.

1 Spores 7-10 µm in diam. 2
1' Spores 10-16 µm in diam. 3
2   (1) The stalk mostly shorter than the sporocarp diameter. Spores densely warted. L. arcyrioides (Sommerf.) Rostaf.
2' The stalk 2/3 to 4/5 of the total sporocarp height. Spores with fairly scattered warts. L. scintillans (Berk. & Broome) Morgan
3   (1) Spores with a net ornamentation of up to 1.5 µm high ridges. Sporocarps shortly stipitate. (Meriderma cribrarioides (Fr.) Mar.Mey. & Poulain)
3' Spores warted. Sporocarps long-stalked. L. columbinum (Pers.) Rostaf.