Key to Danish species of Lepidoderma de Bary

Besides the two species of Lepidoderma keyed out below, L. chailletii Rostaf. and L. trevelyanii (Grev.) Poulain & Mar. Mey. have been reported from Denmark. L. chailletii is generally regarded a nivicolous species and no material seems to be left. L. trevelyanii has not been recorded since 1867. Until the presence of these two taxa is confirmed by new finds, they should be considered doubtful elements of the Danish Myxomycete flora.

1 Spores with distant, medium sized spines up to ca. 1 µm high; stalk long and slender, ca. 2/3 of total height, translucent without lime inclusions. L. stipitatum Flatau
1' Spores with fine warts or spines; stalk generally up to 1/2 of total height, robust, ± opaque containing lime. L. tigrinum (Schrad.) Rostaf.