Key to Danish species of Licea Schrad.

1 Fruitbody dehiscing irregularly or along preformed lines on the peridium. Sessile sporocarps or plasmodiocarps. 2
1' Fruitbody opening by a ± well-defined lid. Sessile or stipitate sporocarps. 5
2   (1) Fruitbody dehiscing along raised lines on the peridium. 3
2' Fruitbody dehiscing irregularly. 4
3   (2) Spores in mass rust- to brick-red. L. minima Fr.
3' Spores in mass dark brown to almost black. L. pusilla Schrad.
4   (2) Sporocarps to elongated plasmodiocarps, up to 10 mm long. Spores olivaceous. L. variabilis Schrad.
4' Small pillow-shaped, sessile sporocarps, 0.1-0.2 mm in diam. Spores dark brown to almost black, very delicately warted. L. marginata Nann.-Bremek.
5   (1) Sporocarps stipitate. L. operculata (Wingate) G.W. Martin
5' Sporocarps sessile. 6
6   (5) Sporocarps opening by a lid which may be well defined and somewhat sunken or difficult to see before the actual opening. 7
6' Sporocarps opening irregularly, dark brown to almost black in all parts. Spores olivaceous brown in transmitted light, smooth, thick-walled with a thin-walled area. L. parasitica (Zukal) G.W. Martin
7   (6) Sporocarps brown with an olive tint. Spores yellowish grey by transmitted light, often with a paler area, delicately warted. L. clarkii Ing
7' Sporocarps dark with a cupper-coloured lid. Spores almost colourless by transmitted light, with groups of fine warts, thin-walled. L. kleistobolus G.W. Martin