Key to Danish species of Lycogala Adans.

1 Aethalia 2-5 cm in diam., subglobose, on a vertical substrate often ± drop-shaped. L. flavofuscum (Ehrenb.) Rostaf.
1' Aethalia smaller. 2
2   (1) Aethalia rounded conical to ovoid, with black scales on apical parts. Immature aethalia coral-red to almost scarlet. L. conicum Pers.
2' Aethalia ± spherical, occasionally somewhat angular from mutual pressure. Immature aethalia pink, salmon or orange. 3
3   (2) Peridial scales apparently subdivided into a tesselate pattern. Immature aethalia pink. L. confusum Nannenga-Bremekamp ex Ing
3' Peridial scales not subdivided. Immature aethalia pink, salmon or orange. 4
4   (3) Pseudocapillitial tubes 12-25 µm broad. Mature aethalia pale greyish brown, immature aethalia pink, 5-20 mm in diam. L. terrestre Fr. & Lindgr.
4' Pseudocapillitial tubes 8-12 µm broad, fragile. Mature aethalia dark greyish brown, immature aethalia salmon to red, 4-7 mm in diam. L. epidendrum (L.) Fries