1449. Physarum fimetarium Schumach.

1449. P. fimetarium, sparsum, primo fluxile album deinde subalutaceum pyriforme substipitarum, demum peridio obovato vertice lacero dilute purpurascenti-umbrino; capillitio compacto pulvereque fusco, stipite breve subflexuoso superne paululo incrassato colore peridii.
In fimeto bubulino. Angust. viget.

Schumacher figure 71.3:
Schumacher figure 71.3: Physarum fimetarium
Reproduced with permission from the Natural History Museum of Denmark ©

Text accompanying figure 71.3:
Physarum fimetarium m:
In fimeto bubulino. August :

Previous interpretations:
Source Interpretation
Rostafinski (1875: 304) ?
Raunkiær (1888) Not mentioned
Lister (1894: 65) Writes: "... rejected by Rostafinski (1875: 304) on sufficient grounds ...".
Lister (1911: 85) "... rejected from the(ir) descriptions being too brief to be serviceable"
Lister (1925: 260) "doubtful", "to be discarded"
Bjørnekær & Klinge (1964: ) Not mentioned
Martin & Alexopoulos (1969: 340) Cite Rostafinski (1875: 381): "Doubtful".

Eliasson & Lundquist (1979) rejected this taxon as a nomen dubium based on Schumacher's description and figure, of which they presented a black and white reproduction.
There seems to be little to add to their considerations and their view is follow here.

It should be added that Trichia brunnea J.J. Cox, which is a fimicolous taxon with a quite different appaerance, has resently been establish as occuring in Denmark.

Physarum fimetarium Schumach. is s nomen dubium.