Arcyria minuta Buchet

Sporocarps in small groups, shortly stipitate, oblong ovoid to almost cylindrical, up to 3 mm high and 0.4-0.5 mm broad, greyish rose (6D4), fading to leather yellow (5D7)

up to ca. 0.5 mm long, mostly shorter, yellowish grey, filled with sporelike cells, which are 8 in diam. near apex, up to 20 µm at base.

early evanescent except near base where it forms a ± flattened, funnelshaped cup, pale yellowish in transmitted light, on the inner side with a fine net pattern alog the edge, formed by low interconnected warts.

forming a dense net of 2-3 µm broad tubules which are firmly attached to all of the calyculus inside, the tubules with a low and afirly open pattern of half-rings, warts and fine lists, occasionally forming indistinct spirals, near the cup the tubules are broader and almost smooth.

sperical, with very fine warts (oil immersion) and scattered groups of larger warts, greyish rose, fading to leather yellow, in transmitted light pale yellowish, 7.2-7.6-8.2 µm in diam.

Rotten, watersoaked trunk of elm (Ulmus sp.).

Distribution in Denmark
Rare. Only three collections known.

Global distribution

Description and discussion based on Albertsen & Gøtzsche (1993).