Comatricha meandrispora A. Castillo, G. Moreno & Illana

Castillo, Moreno & Illana 1993: Mycotaxon 46: 315
Type loc.: Spain, Guadalajara, La Fuensaviñan.
MycoBank #359326

sporocarps scattered or gathered in small groups of 2-8, ovoid to short cylindrical, stipitate, total height to ca. 2.8 mm, sporocyst width to ca. 0.7 mm, dark blackish brown.

inconspicuos, pale yelowish, continuous under a group af sporocarps.

short, up to 2/5 of total height, somewhat tapered upwards, ± furrowed, shining black, very dark reddish brown by TL, almost opaque, fibrous at base

early evanescent, not seen.

a continuation of the stalk, reaching almost to the apex of the sporocyst, rather abruptly narrowed in lower half.

forming a dense net, arising along whole length of columella, branching ± dichotomously ca. 3-4 times from columella to periphery, often with ± triangularly expanded nodes, dark reddish brown by TL, peripheral branches ca. 1-2 µm broad, arching along surface and with many short, irregular spines.

dark blackish brown by RL, pale greyish brown by TL, globose, 5.5-5.9-6.5 µm Ø, with low sinuous ridges, often interconnected, but at most forming a very incomplete net.

The Danish find was collected on a dead, still standing trunk of a coniferous tree in a mixed stand of Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies. On the same trunk was numerous plasmodiocarps of Dianema corticatum.

Distribution in Denmark

Global distribution
The species was described from Spain. Also reported from Mexico and Brazil. From Northern Europe it is known from Norway and Sweden.

From other members of the Stemonitales with short cylidrical sporocarps, C. meandrispora is well delimited by the small, pale spores (by TL) with an ornamentation of low sinuos ridges, which rarely forms meshes, in combination with the abruptly narrowed columella.

Description and discussion is based on the collection hfg 2569 from Kompledal Plantage, central Jutland. Another handfuld collections is known from Denmark.


Abbreviations: TL : transmitted light; RL : reflected light; Ø : diameter; TBU : Danish Botanical Topographical District.

Colour-codes refer to: Kornerup, A. & J. H. Wanscher 1974: Farver i farver. 5th reprint. Politikens Forlag, Copenhagen.

When not otherwise indicated spore measurements are given as: min-mean-max or (extreme-)min-mean-max(-extreme). Spore measurements are exclusive of ornamentation.

Line drawings are free hand sketches.

Distribution maps: Maps of Danish distributions are based on material seen by the author. World distributions are based on reports extracted from literature.

Comatricha meandrispora:
Comatricha meandrispora - Sporocarps
Sporocarps (hfg2569)
Capillitium and abrubtly narroved columella
Capillitium and columella (hfg2569)
Spores in optical section and surface view
Spores (hfg2569)