Dianema nivale (Meyl.) G. Lister

Dianema nivale is generally considered a nivicolous species, developing on plant litter under a deep snow-layer, typically in snow-beds in montane areas.
From Northern Europe it seems only to be reported from Scotland (Ing, 1998) and Denmark (Onsberg, 1970).

At the Botanical Museum, Copenhagen (C) two Danish collections are found (until 1995):

Hauerslev s.n., Dianema nivale (Meyl.) G. Lister
Denmark, Sjæll., Basnæs at Skælskør, TBU. 41, UTM PG4920
21-04-1967, Leg. K. Hauerslev, Det. Per Onsberg

HFG 0636, Dianema nivale (Meyl.) G. Lister
Denmark, Sjæll., Vestskoven, near Herstedøster, TBU. 45a, UTM UB3374
08-04-1984, Leg. et det. H. F. Gøtzsche
On rotten branch of deciduous wood

The first one was published by Onsberg (l.c.) along with a detailed description. Collection notes on the second one, can be found here.