Licea clarkii Ing

Ing 1982: Trans. Brit. mycol. Soc. 78(3): 439
Type loc.: England, Warwickshire, Forshaw Heath.

Sporocarps hemispherical, sessile on a broad base or somewhat constricted at base, ca. 0.2-0.5 mm Ø, dark brownish olive, solitary or in small groups.

Inconspicuous, not seen.

Peridium membraneous, rather tough, pale to medium greyish yellow by TL, on the the inside with regularly distributed, minute warts, with much refuse matter on the outside, dehiscing by a ± sharply defined lid leaving a small, low cup-like structure.

Spores almost black, with a slight olive tint by RL, pale to medium yellowish grey by TL, very delicately, densely and regularly warted (much like peridium), some spores with a lighter area, globose, 11-12.22-14 µm Ø (n=25)

hfg 2450 was found on dead twigs of Rubus fruticosus (coll.). The other Danish collection was from twigs of Rosa sp., but the species has also been reported from other substrates (f.ex. see Müller (2008)).

Distribution in Denmark
Unknown. So far only two finds, but this inconspicuous species is probably more widespread.

Global distribution
Reported from Great Britain, Ireland, Gemany and Lithuania. A report from Hawaii (Eliasson (1991)) have proved to belong elsewhere in the genus.

The first Danish collection was found during an initial inspection of dead twigs of Rubus collected for moist chamber culture. The sporocarps are difficult to see in the field, but already opened sporocarps may be detected by a hand lens as small 'craters' on lighter parts of the substrate, not to be mistaken for perithecia of dead pyrenomycetes.
The species should probably be sought for particularly during mild winter months.

Description and discussion based on the first Danish collection: hfg 2450, Denmark, Sjæll., Ryvangen N Copenhagen.


Abbreviations: TL : transmitted light; RL : reflected light; Ø : diameter; TBU : Danish Botanical Topographical District.

Colour-codes refer to: Kornerup, A. & J. H. Wanscher 1974: Farver i farver. 5th reprint. Politikens Forlag, Copenhagen.

When not otherwise indicated spore measurements are given as: min-mean-max or (extreme-)min-mean-max(-extreme). Spore measurements are exclusive of ornamentation.

Line drawings are free hand sketches.

Distribution maps: Maps of Danish distributions are based on material seen by the author. World distributions are based on reports extracted from literature.